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Penetration testing and ethical hacking tests the security of websites and network infrastructures in person and from remote locations employing a variety of methods both passive and active.

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Your own In-house apps can be published to exact agreed requirements using our proven product management process to produce software that meets the right requirements and meets quality and time to market goals.

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We provide interim management at CTO level.

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Do you want to have compelling apps that will be discoverable in the App Store and Google Play? Only native apps built for iOS and Android and continously updated with new features can meet your demanding requirements.


We provide specialist consulting services to enable product turnaround strategies, startup roadmaps, product creation process healthchecks and more.

Taxonomy Change

Sometimes, when new items or categories are added, it is necessary to update a phone with the new details.

You should only perform this procedure if directed to by your support contact.

This process requires administration passwords, and for the new details to have been added to our system beforehand.

You should first make a support request at Surrey Police in order to make this happen.


Instructions for Police Officer Utility taxonomy update
1 Wildfire S Home Screen Launch the Surrey Police Officer status update Utility (POU)
2 Surrey Police Officer Update Utility Spash Screen The Application Loads
3 Surrey Police Officer Update Utility Main Screen Tap "Settings"
4 Surrey Police Officer Update Utility Settings Tap "Admin Setup"
5 Surrey Police Officer Update Utility - Admin Settings

Enter the password you have been given by support

Tap "Verify"

6 Surrey Police Officer Update Utility - Upgrade Settings

Tap "Upgrade Database" to update the taxonomy

or "Upgrade Officers" to get the latest updates



Tap "Update Taxonomy"


Wait a few seconds for the download to complete

9 Tap next
10 The update is now completed, Tap the back button to exit the administration settings.
11 The update is now completed Test with a tweet.